Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Experience the freedom and support of NDIS Supported Independent Living, made just for you! At Scovier Care, we’re not just about giving you a place to stay; we’re here to help you find a real home.

When you talk to us, we’ll ask you about what you want in your new home and where you’d like to live. If we don’t have a home available that fits your needs, we’ll find one for you at no extra cost to you or your NDIS Plan.

We believe in helping you live your life the way you want while giving you the support you need.

Take a look below to see what you can expect from a Scovier Care Property.


Short Term Accommodation / Medium Term Accommodation / Respite

Life is full of surprises and sometimes, unexpected changes or crises occur, leaving you in need of safe accommodation and the care you deserve. Whether facing a sudden illness requiring hospitalisation, your carer needing respite, or unforeseen circumstances disrupting your routine, Scovier Care is here to provide a solution.

We offer temporary accommodation for individuals with disabilities, ensuring you stay connected to your community instead of enduring prolonged hospital stays or premature placement in aged care facilities. Through the NDIS, we provide Short-Term Accommodation (STA) and Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) to support you during challenging times.

What is Short-Term Accommodation (STA)?

STA, funded through the Core funding of your NDIS plan, offers temporary supported accommodation for 2-6 weeks. Formerly known as ‘respite,’ this service provides alternative care arrangements when carers require a break or are unable to fulfil their duties.

What is Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)?

MTA, funded by the NDIS for up to 90 days, offers transitional accommodation for participants preparing to move into a more permanent home. This ensures individuals with disabilities are not compelled to reside in aged care facilities or endure prolonged hospital stays unnecessarily.

At Scovier Care, we understand the importance of stability and support during challenging times. Let us be your trusted partner in providing safe accommodation and care tailored to your needs.

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